Liquid Pepcid For Cats Can You Help Me With My 14 Year Old Pookie?

Can you help me with my 14 year old pookie? - liquid pepcid for cats

My 14-year-old daughter has been twice to the vet and now prescribed Tapazole. The first dose was 1 ml twice daily in liquid. It was very difficult to get into it and she has diarrhea and vomiting was both. The second visit, I went ml of cream (0.5, once daily rub) into the ear. She broke again at least twice a day, sometimes accessed 3 times. I believe it can cure. I've heard that you can help Pepcid cats, give calm your stomach. How much would you offer? It is so thin. I took him to the vet again. Since she was 14, I can not spend thousands of dollars for the iodine treatment or surgery, because I other expenses (such as a new roof, etc.). I hope someone can help me.


old cat lady said...

Of course, this is an issue that work with your veterinarian, a solution should be found for Pookie.

There are two Yahoo groups, which is hyperToptions with Feline hyperthyroidism - hypterT a cat and another. Jump to: and Research Group of the thyroid. You will find many people with this problem and provide a good place to air your questions and see how others have dealt with the problem of side effects.

I recently had a radio-iodine treatment for my cat Kinsey. It costs $ 1400 He already has money for tests and medicines. Sometimes radiation therapy appears to be the best route to long term.

KimbeeJ said...

Vomiting is a common side effect of Tapazole. This is usually done within 3 months. Although it seems clear and alert and is eating well and keeping, food and water, you can only wait for your system to adapt to these drugs. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication for vomiting definitely help settle the stomach. The vet should also check your CBC, T4, and kidney levels every 2-3 weeks until stable.

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